A downloadable game for Windows

One player plays on the keyboard another uses an xbox controller to race agains each other in steam engine driven boats.

Shovel coals into the engine to keep it going at max capacity, Run back above deck to see where you're going and steer in the right direction and then do it all again. Just make sure you don't break your engine, because your rival might surpass you.

- Press the action button near the steering wheel to go into steer mode.

- Press the action button again to go out of steering mode

- Press the action button near the engine to shovel coal

- Press "R" on the keyboard to reset the game.

You can do your own countdown! :)

This game was made in 52 hours during trainjam 2016.

Hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Use Winrar to unwrap the files and put them in a location you can remember. Then start the game by double cliking the .exe file.

You need a controller connected to your pc to be able to play against each other. (Only been tested with an wired xbox 360 controller)

Good Luck!


RiverDash.zip 14 MB

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